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Many of us are wondering what is causing the turbocharger failure. One of the main reasons is the lack of proper lubrication. Below are some reasons why this is happening.


  • Low oil level in sump.
  • Dirt in the oil pipes.
  • Applying silicone to the oil inlet gasket
  • Incorrect oil inlet gasket
  • Broken, blocked or poor quality oil filter
  • Oil pump worn.
  • No initial oil protection during assembly.
  • Bends or kinks in the oil pipes.
  • Engine not running, especially in cold weather


Before installing a new turbocharger, make sure that the following steps have always been completed


  • Do not use silicone on the oil seals!
  • Always check that the oil pressure is correct.
  • Clean or replace the oil pipes
  • Use fresh oil and new filters when installing the turbocharger.



With this article we begin a series of articles about typical turbocharger damage. Each subsequent article will be devoted to one of the reasons so that you can keep your turbo in good condition for many years.


Stay tuned for more insights and tips in our upcoming posts. Join the power revolution with us!

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