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In our company, a deposit is an essential part of the purchasing process. When you buy a product, you are obligated to return the old unit. This return becomes part of the payment for the regenerated product, allowing us to create a sustainable business model. We operate on an exchange basis, where the customer receives a new product, and we collect and regenerate old units, aiming to minimize waste and protect the environment



It involves the purchase of a product, and the buyer is obligated to return the old unit. The return of the Old Unit constitutes part of the payment for the regenerated product. If the customer does not commit to returning the Old Unit within 60 days, then the deposit paid by them becomes part of the final price of the regenerated Product.

The deposit applies under the following conditions:

  • The customer, when making a purchase with a deposit option, is obligated to return the old unit no later than 60 calendar days from the date of purchasing the product.
  • The delivery of the old unit by the customer is a necessary condition unless otherwise agreed by the parties.


When placing an order, the buyer is obliged to inform about the following situations in the case of turbochargers when the turbocharger:

  • Has cracks or mechanical damage,
  • Is incomplete, lacking elements such as: actuator, cast iron body, aluminum body, bearing housing, etc.,
  • Is not assembled into a whole (has been disassembled into parts).


The Old Unit must correspond to the specified or equivalent code/number of the regenerated or new product purchased. In the event of receiving an incorrect unit, the customer will be notified by phone or email of the situation. In case of no response from the service recipient within 7 days, the service provider reserves the right to:

  • Scrap or retain the improper unit of the service recipient,
  • Invalidate the warranty,
  • Withhold the deposit.


Zapewniamy najlepszą obsługę klienta, pomagając rozwiązywać każde problemy. Od znalezienia odpowiedniej części odpowiedniej do Twojego pojazdu po wskazówki dotyczące konserwacji po zamontowaniu. Enginetic dąży do budowania zaufania i silnych relacji ze swoimi klientami i wierzymy, że sprawna obsługa klienta jest najlepszym sposobem.